Different Types of NFL Jerseys Available Today

NFL jerseys are hardly cheap, but you can buy them at more affordable prices just with a little research. Choose a reputable store to avoid the frustration of getting a substandard quality product. Of course, everything starts with knowing what you want, and with the huge variety out there, it pays to know the different types of jerseys you'll find in most NFL shops UK today.

NFL Game Jerseys

NFL Game Jerseys are like the Replica Jerseys of days old. They're the cheapest today, usually around $100. They're as lightweight, comfortable and durable as any football aficionado would like. Visit  www.nflshopuk.com for more info.

NFL Elite Jerseys

If you've always been a fan of jersey, you've surely heard of the Elite label. It's the best but also most expensive NFL jersey available. It should cost somewhere from $250 to $300, unless you have a coupon or get a discount.

NFL Limited Jerseys

NFL Limited jerseys are the new NFL Premier jerseys, and they have the best value in terms of having an authentic look.

Marked Down NFL Jerseys

If you'd like to save some good bucks, get a jersey of a player who's been traded away just recently or one who just went into retirement. This could mean a price tag of between $20 and $60.

Youth NFL Jerseys

With kids growing up very fast and their jerseys' material costing a lot less, youth NFL jerseys are typically a bit cheaper to buy. You probably won't be able to buy personalized NFL jerseys, but you definitely can get youth NFL jerseys that that suit your budget perfectly.

Replica NFL Jerseys

As Authentic NFL jerseys aren't bought cheap, you may want to look into Replica NFL jerseys as an alternative. You can purchase one at $30 to $90, and you can typically select from three to five of your favorite team's best players.

NFL Premier Jerseys

An NFL Premiere jersey is what you want if you're aiming for the best value. While personalized football jerseys are not part of the NFL Premiere jersey collection, you will be able to save more than $100 compared to buying an Authentic NFL jersey.

Authentic NFL Jerseys

You can also get an Authentic custom NFL jersey that has your name and chosen number, or the name and number of your chosen NFL player, but be prepared for a higher price tag.

NFL Throwback Jersey

NFL Throwback jerseys are available too, and you can order them for legends like Joe Montana, Walter Payton and many, many more. These jerseys usually cost anywhere between $150 to $200, and if you want yours signed, the price will of course be higher.

Women's NFL Jerseys

Finally, women's NL jerseys are becoming increasingly popular these days. Obviously, they are tailored for the body of a woman and made in pink, peach and other feminine colors.
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